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Revolutionary way of producing wooden fences – only here. Rounded divider slats tucked into lower stile in three points what causes bigger resilience. We also use technological pressure impregnation which is two times stronger than the normal one. For more information call the number from the information tab.

Warranty conditions
1. The producer grants 12 – months warranty for all fence elements (lamellar fences, exclusive fences, grids, wickets and fence endings, terrace fences and railings, posts and accessories). The warranty is entitled only in case of full and on – time payment. In case of finding defects the Buyer suspends the building of fence and submits a complaint. The producer inspects the place indicated by the Buyer to check the justification of the complaint. In case of justified complaint the defective product is being replaced with the free of defects one on the principles determined on both sides. In special cases the producer is allowed to refuse warranty commitments if the Buyer knew about the defect when receiving the wares or the defect is not very important and does not reduce the use value of the product.

2. Warranty conditions do not include products damaged as a result of unforeseen events such as natural disasters including storms and winds over 22 m/s.

3. The produced fence elements are FSC Certified.

4. The sold fence elements are slightly olive (colour caused by pressure impregnation).After the impregnation they can be painted every colour, using every impregnate.

5. Custom sized fences can vary in look and size in the peak of arch because of different arch curve.

6. Wooden fences are pine – made. Fences, wickets and panels are sold together with the fittings and accessories needed for mounting (posts, anchors). Wickets are not provided with door handle and signboard. Wooden fences are supposed to be set in airy and sunlit place (allowing drying). To lengthen the resilience of the fence it should be conserved by painting it with the proper paints. The producer claims that small cracks can appear due to the atmospheric conditions which do not have the impact on the functional properties of the fence.

7. Minor mechanical damage (such as small abrasions or scratches caused by transport and loading) is not subject to complaint. All the above factors have no impact on the product properties and do not decrease technical and exploitation parameters of our wares.

When the products are transported by our truck the unloading is manual (not mechanical). When the products are transported by courier the unloading is
mechanical (not manual). The producer is not responsible for the damage caused by inappropriate unloading or storage.

If there is a need to exercise the right to return the goods send them at your own expense to the address given above. Attach your account number (due to the refund) to the return parcel. The refund is given in 14 days after receiving the return parcel and all the information needed to make money transfer. This right is not applicable to the ones personally receiving the merchandise.

We invite you to cooperation.

We invite you to cooperation.

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